To know me

To know me is to love me

then probably hate me

or at least… want me to be something a little different.

A little more, a little better

A little more pleasing and accommodating.

A little more clever – but not causing offense. Unless you offend the stupid people – that’s okay. Preferred, actually. It *proves* something. It proves *something.*

More perfect

But self-effacingly humble

But confident! Award-winning smile.

Never weak. God, not weak. Compassion is weakness.

Change the world without taking up too much space

Or raising the wrong eyebrows

Or saying the wrong thing.

Sing on pitch, but not too loud, and not when they want to hear the radio –

But know all the words. How embarrassing otherwise.

Speaking of too loud: don’t talk too loud. Don’t turn heads. Be pretty to look at, but don’t be too friendly. They’ll think you’re flirting.

And don’t be *too* pretty. You don’t want others to feel less-than.

Besides, you have daughters.  “You’re not the princess anymore.”

Let them shine. Support their shine. But be your own person! If you’re a doormat, they’ll learn to be doormats. We can’t have that.

Make a difference – just like everyone else. Be unique, and fall into line. There are consequences for speaking your mind.

But it’s a post-modern world! Anything goes! Be edgy! Eternal youth!

Woman’s search for meaning marches on, and

I want to sleep for days.


About earthysara

Maine girl at heart, always, living in San Diego. You can take the girl out of the woods...
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One Response to To know me

  1. harry baltzer says:

    It has been impressed on me the last couple days how different people living in the same earth-space can be living in a completely different reality and each be convinced they’re possessed of themost credible truth — and maybe, reallyin possession of it. DIFFERENT ACTUALREALITIES!! Thanks for your thoughts Affection Harry

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